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Sectoral Employment Order (SEO)

31/10/2017 Posted by | Comments(0)
Sectoral Employment Order (SEO)

The Minister for State at the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation has announced new legislation that makes it compulsory for construction industry employers to provide a pension and sick-pay scheme for all specified workers in the industry. The legislation which is known as a Sectoral Employment Order (SEO) for Construction came into legal effect on 19th October 2017 and all employers in the construction industry must satisfy the conditions of this new legislation.

The Minister has indicated that the pension scheme for workers under the SEO should operate with particular standards and benefits for members. The Construction Workers Pension scheme (CWPS) meets all the criteria set out by the Minister in the legal document so employers who have all their specified workers in CWPS can be assured that they are complying with the new SEO legislation in respect of pension, Sick Pay and Death in Service benefit for all their workers registered in CWPS. 

CWPS is the scheme of choice for the construction industry with the skill, knowledge and experience to advise and help employers to satisfy the conditions of the new SEO legislation for pensions.

Joining CWPS is the first step in satisfying the compulsory conditions of this new SEO. CWPS will be happy to facilitate application for membership to ensure that everyone can satisfy their legal obligations under the new legislation. 

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