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CWPS celebrating 50 years providing pensions to construction and related industries – Join us today

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Are you looking for a pension scheme for your employees? - CWPS can help

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Sick Pay benefit paid to active members

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CWPS For Employers 

The Construction Workers' Pension Scheme (CWPS), is a multi-employer occupational pension scheme providing pensions solutions for workers in the construction and related industries, at a low cost to members and employers. It allows employers to provide valuable benefits to their employees easily, at a low cost. Employers can register all Specified Workers detailed under all SEOs from age 15, but under age 70 who are directly employed by the company.

With over 50,000 active members supported by over 7,500 active employers, the Construction Workers' Pension Scheme is one of the largest private sector pension schemes in Ireland.

Membership of CWPS also satisfies the conditions of the current Sectoral Employment Orders, in respect of pension, Sick Pay and Death in Service benefit for all workers registered with CWPS.

CWPS is operated on behalf of the industry by an independent Trustee Company called the Construction Workers’ Pension Scheme Trustees Designated Activity Company.

Pensions can be seen as an essential part of an employee’s overall remuneration package. Employers who are registered in CWPS can be confident that their employees registered with CWPS, not only have a retirement plan in place but can also be looked after in the event of sickness or premature death as membership of CWPS also includes death in service and sick pay benefits.

Here is a testimonial video from an employer who understands the benefits of having his employees registered with CWPS.




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