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How to Join

Registering with the Construction Workers’ Pension Scheme (CWPS) is EASY AND FREE! 

There are FOUR SIMPLE STEPS to follow to register as an Employer in CWPS.

 1. Complete a “Deed of Adherence” 

This is the legal document that Employers must fill in to register with CWPS. By executing the Deed, the Employer, with the Trustee’s consent, is admitted to participate in the Scheme as an Employer for the purpose of the Scheme. It is important that the Deed is signed and dated and in the case of a registered company that the firm's Common Seal is affixed in order to execute the Deed. The completed Deed of Adherence should be returned to CWPS by post as an original document.

You can download the Deed of Adherence here

2. Complete an “Employer Registration Form”

This form gives us your firm’s details and lets us know more about your firm. There are two sides of the form:

- BLUE side should be completed by a Limited Company

- GREEN side should be completed by a Sole Trader/Partnership

You can download the Employer Registration Form here

3. Complete a “New Member Registration Form”

This form tells us about your employees who you wish to register with CWPS. There are two important dates to be filled in on the form:

- EMPLOYMENT START DATE. This is the date the employee started working for you.

- DATE REGISTERED IN CWPS. This is the date you will start or have already started deducting and paying pension contributions for the employee. 

Please note that you must fill in a separate form for each employee who you are registering and if any of the employee’s details are missing or left blank (e.g. Name, Date of Birth, PPS Number, Home address etc.) we will not be able to proceed with their registration.

You can download the New Member Registration Form here

4. Complete a “Direct Debit Mandate (SEPA)”

This form should be filled in if you wish to pay your monthly pension contributions by variable Direct Debit or avail of our Online Payment System 'OPS' facility.

You can download the Direct Debit Mandate (SEPA) here


Once we have received the above forms and your registration has been approved, we will send you the following:

'A Certificate of Registration' confirming your employer registration number, which you should quote whenever you contact the administration team. 

‘Member Booklet’ – a booklet explaining how CWPS works and the benefits that it provides for members. 

‘Employer Booklet’ – a manual setting out what to do when an employee starts working for you, leaves, retires or dies. It also includes details on how to pay contributions. 

'OPS' username and password for our Online Payment System facility if you have chosen this payment method.


For FAQs on Employer Registration please click here

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Current Registered Employers
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