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CWPS celebrating 50 years providing pensions to construction and related industries – Join us today

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Are you looking for a pension scheme for your employees? - CWPS can help

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Sick Pay benefit paid to active members

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Why Join CWPS?

Retirement requires planning, as when we retire from work we will all be living off our savings. It’s never too early to start saving for your retirement. A pension is a simple form of saving for future years and has generous tax benefits.  There is no simpler, easier or more tax-efficient way of saving money for your retirement.

Here are just some of the reasons why the Construction Workers’ Pension Scheme (CWPS) is the right choice.

We are different to other pension schemes!

CWPS is specifically designed to meet the needs and requirements of employers and workers in the construction and related industries across the country. CWPS is Ireland’s leading industry wide scheme that provides pension solutions and protection benefits package for workers.

We are fully compliant with the Sectoral Employment Order (SEO)

Membership of CWPS also satisfies the conditions of the Sectoral Employment Order (SEO) for the construction sector in respect of pension, Sick Pay and Death in Service benefit for all workers registered with CWPS.

We are here for people

Using our specialist knowledge and qualified staff we help employers provide a comprehensive benefits package for their employees with the minimum amount of fuss and overheads. There is 100% allocation on all contributions paid to CWPS by both members and employers.

Economies of scale & low charges

CWPS is one of the largest private sector occupational pension schemes with over 25,000 active members supported by over 2,000 participating employers. We are highly cost effective and provide excellent value for money for the benefits we provide for members and their families.

Protection benefits & peace of mind

Employers who are part of CWPS can be confident in the knowledge that their employees who are registered with CWPS not only have a retirement plan in place but they can also be looked after in the event of sickness or premature death. Not only does CWPS provide peace of mind for employers and their employees, it provides a boost to their morale.

Strong governance

CWPS is operated on behalf of the industry by a trustee company CWPS Trustee Ltd who employ Investment Advisors and Investment Managers to ensure that the fund achieves the optimum return for members. They also employ a professional pension administration company CPAS to administer the Scheme on their behalf. These full service solutions come at no additional costs and remove the burden of time and effort from employers who can hand over the duty of care of their employees and pension fund to the Trustee Company.

Retirement options

When a member reaches retirement, pensions are paid directly from CWPS and because of economies of scale, CWPS can offer discounted annuities rates compared to annuity rates that are available on the open market. Flexible retirement age and flexible retirement options are also available to members.

Life-Styling Investment

The Trustee has a single investment strategy, which invests members’ Pension Accounts across a range of age-related investment funds that are appropriate to the length of time to retirement and provide greater protection for the benefits that members’ Pension Accounts might provide.

Award winning Scheme

CWPS is well recognized on both national and international levels and was awarded the Best Pension Fund in Ireland category at both the 2014 and 2015 IPE European Pensions Awards. The CWPS Trustee also won Trustee Board of the Year at the Irish Pensions Awards for 2017.

50 Years Experience

CWPS has been providing pension and death in service to members of the Construction Industry for 50 years. We have gained experience and understanding of the industry and tailored the scheme benefits to suit the needs and requirements of the employers and workers in the industry.

Online access

Employers and members have 24hr online access to their pension accounts.

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