CWPS celebrating 50 years providing pensions to construction and related industries – Join us today

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Are you looking for a pension scheme for your employees? - CWPS can help

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Sick Pay benefit paid to active members

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CWPS - The Right Choice

We firmly believe that the Construction Workers’ Pension Scheme (CWPS) is the right choice for –

  EMPLOYERS in the Construction and related Industries who:

  • Wish to extend pensions to more employees
  • Wish to provide Sick Pay and Death in Service benefits for their employees
  • Have no pension in place for their employees

  EMPLOYEES in the Construction and related Industries who:

  • Currently have no pension in place
  • Wish to start contributing for their future
  • Wish to avail of a valuable employer contribution towards their retirement
  • Wish to pay Additional Voluntary Contributions to increase their pension fund
  • Want the protection of Death in Service and Sick Pay benefit

WHY do we believe that you should choose CWPS?

Here are just some of the reasons...

Member Security
CWPS is registered with The Pensions Authority and approved by the Revenue.

Joint Contributions
Pension contributions paid to individual funds by both employer and employees. 

Death in Service
Excellent low cost benefits available.

Protection of Your Income
Sick Pay benefit available for members. 

Low Charging Structure
Our Service is provided on a low cost basis and is geared towards you.

Excellent Lifestyle Investment
Age appropriate investment throughout scheme membership.

Strong Governance
CWPS is governed by an independent Trustee Company. 

Professional Administration
CWPS is administered by CPAS, a registered pension administrator. 

Retirement Options
Cheaper annuity costs, flexible retirement age and benefit choices. 

Online access
Employers and members have 24hr online access to their pension account. 

No Third Party Advice fees

Consultant Access
Consultants are available to meet with employers and members.

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